There are a number of products on the market and I believe it is important that you find an affordable solution that best suits your needs. 

I can offer assistance in the following areas:

01 First Home

It’s a nerve racking time finding your First Home, even without the added stress of trying to find the right loan.

I can talk you through all the important details like how much deposit you require, loan features and rates etc.

Between us we will ascertain your First Home Owner Grant, (FHOG) entitlement, (if applicable) I will then liaise with your Bank and your Conveyancer to ensure all goes smoothly and we settle on time.


04 Investment Loan

Investment loans are usually used to assist with purchasing an income earning investment e.g. a rental property and/or shares – which may or may not offer a tax benefit.

Generally speaking these products are structured on an interest only basis, (which still allows for principal repayments if desired).

That said, I do advocate/recommend seeking financial advice from your trusted source e.g. Accountant as to what repayment type is appropriate for you.


03 Commercial Lending

A Bank may insist upon this type of finance if one or more of the following is applicable; when the loan is for business use, the borrower is a trading company, the owner of the asset is a company or if the security property is a commercial property.

Commercial lending is generally more expensive than residential lending.

15 Variable Loan

A variable rate offers more features and greater flexibility than a fixed rate loan, without the rate certainty. Fixed rate loans are less flexible however, they do offer rate & budget certainty.

It is possible to have a combination of both a fixed and variable rate loan if you wish.


13 Bridging Loan

A bridging loan is used when you wish to settle on a new property before you have sold or settled your current one.

A mortgage is taken over both properties.

Usually, bridging loans are short term and also more expensive than other types of loans.


Whilst Residential Lending is my area of strength, I have relationships with people who are able to assist in the following areas; Commercial Lending, borrowing via your Self Managed Super Fund and Motor Vehicle/Equipment Finance.


My contact details are below if you would like to discuss your eligibility for a loan or even just to ask my opinion on something.


If I can help I will.

Shane Westlake